Keep Your Trailer Canopy Secure with the new Mac’s Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit

No one wants to chase their trailer canopy down the road on a windy day. And with the use of the new Mac’s Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit, you’ll never be that guy. Utilizing the same high-strength webbing, ratchet fitting and components as our industry-leading tie-down products, the Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit is certain to keep your canopy right where it you want it.
Whether you built your own canopy or are considering a custom solution from companies we trust like Bruce Custom Awnings or Alpha Canvas & Awning, the Mac’s Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit will easily integrate into the framework of your setup. Watch how easy it is to secure your trailer canopy.

Upgrade Your Trailer with a Mac’s Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit

With the racing season winding down, it’s time to begin thinking about how you can upgrade your trailer display for 2019. Get a jump start on next season with a Mac’s Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit.

The Mac’s Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit comes with everything you’ll need, including a 12″ black cinch strap, versatile tent stake fitting, 24″ x 3/4″ tent stake and a strap wrap.

In addition to the Canopy/Awning Tie-Down Kit, Mac’s has a variety of additional components to keep your canopy secured to your trailer.