Mac’s Tie Downs has a history of turning heads at events with their bold product strength demonstrations. There are lots of substandard tie downs out there, but they’re often poorly made without attention to critical detail. We proudly stand behind (or under) our products and aren’t afraid to put them to the test. 

In 2013 Colin and the Mac’s team took their event marketing to a new level during the Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab, Utah. McLemore employed a construction crane to pick up a trailer by its hitch. On the trailer was McLemore’s personal Wrangler, attached using only his trusty tie downs. His Jeep stayed suspended 20 feet in the air for five days straight, creating quite an attention grabbing spectacle during the week’s off-roading festivities.



In 2017, we turned it up a notch.   What better way to demonstrate the strength and durability of our products than hanging a vehicle upside down and rotating it 360 degrees – rotisserie-style. The Mac’s 360° made its debut at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale on Jan. 14, 2017. Just like the Jeep Stunt, McLemore used a personal vehicle to put Mac’s products to the test. This time it was Colin’s father’s newly built 1935 Ford truck.


Mac’s provides a wide variety of straps, track and accessories for almost any application. For the Jeep Stunt specifically the team showcased the Mac’s Custom-Fit Tire Nets and Mac’s Lashing Winches.