Just because the vehicle is inexpensive does not mean it deserves poor tie downs. Let’s hope “Johnny Law” isn’t there for just a cup of coffee.
  1. As often cited, an open-style hook is dependent upon tension. The slightest vehicle compression or roll and the strap is rendered useless.
  2. Excess webbing could drag, get caught or cause vehicle damage.
  3. The plastic wheel chock is not affixed to the trailer deck and could end up on the interstate.
  4. The proximity of the ratchet handle to the trailer bar could cause an issue when trying to open the handle to loosen the webbing.
  5. We’re stumped why the 1-inch strap is across the hood. Unless the hood latch is broken. We do know the ratchet is not improving the paint job.

The Mac’s Ultra Pack is our best-selling and most versatile vehicle tie-down strap pack. Since this trailer deck does not have proper deck hardware, add Chain Extensions to route through the stake pockets. A second option would be the Mac’s Cinch Pack. It’s 18″ drawn-down makes it the perfect fit for tight point-to-point distances like in the tie-down violation above.

Add Chain Extensions to your Ultra Pack order and save $30 versus buying them individually. Simply choose “Direct Hook with Chain Extension” before adding to your cart.


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