This Jetta might have just been pulled out of a muddy field but there’s no need to cause more damage using unsafe tie downs. Luckily the trailer has a frame rail at the front to keep the vehicle from rolling off.
  1. Non-safety-style hooks will detach with the slightest lack in tension.
  2. Loading the vehicle backwards creates insufficient tongue weight and won’t allow the trailer to track properly behind the tow vehicle.
  3. There does not appear to be any tie downs at the rear of the trailer.
  4. The tie downs seem to be wrapped behind the rear wheels. Without attaching to the vehicle itself, it’s likely it could simply roll over the straps.

The Mac’s Ultra Pack provides versatility thanks to detachable axle straps, with a variety of lengths and ratchet end-styles. Surface Mounted D-Rings are a quick and easy way to add anchor points to any trailer deck.



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