Good thing this Corvette is lifted. Otherwise it’d be difficult to load and unload. We can only see the rear of the vehicle and will assume the front is secured just as “well” as the rear.


  1. Not only are non-safety-style wire hooks used, there are five hooks attached to only two fittings. The chances of becoming detached just increased!
  2. The yellow straps appear to be wrapped haphazardly around the rear wheels and then routed over the control arm or half shaft.
  3. There is an abundance of leftover webbing which made the owner get creative with where to put it all (i.e. around the exhaust).
  4. The sewn fixed ends (webbing between the fixed-end hook and ratchet handle) that are used place the handles in an inconvenient location up under the car.
Mac’s tie-down straps are purpose-built to ensure minimal excess webbing. Mac’s Strap Wraps are included to keep any excess webbing neat and tidy.
The Mac’s Pro Pack includes Axle Straps and a Direct Hook ratchet with safety-style hooks. The Direct Hook option keeps the ratchet out and away from under the chassis.
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