Although Mac’s will not be exhibiting at SEMA 2017 that doesn’t mean you won’t see our products throughout the show. We’ve partnered with a number of great companies who are utilizing Mac’s straps, tracks and more to haul and secure their display vehicles. As you walk the show floor be sure to visit our partners and see the Mac’s products on display.

Blackwood Lumber can be found in the Trailer Valet booth #32211 in the Upper South Hall. Featured Mac’s products include Double-Stud Anchor Plate Assemblies and 37″ Custom UTV Tire Nets. That’s right, 37’s on a UTV!

The Chevrolet CEO is featured in the FLO Airride booth #51919 in the Performance Pavilion, and utilizes Mac’s Bedwood VersaTie™ Track, 5,000 pound D-Rings, Mac’s Motorcycle Strap Pack and more.

MAD Industries is bringing two 2017 Ford Raptors to the show this year. The black Raptor can be found in the Ford booth #22200 and the white Raptor can be found in the Leer booth #35039. Both vehicles utilize Mac’s Spreader Bars to keep the spare tires secure.

Mac’s Product

Look for the Honda Ridgeline trophy truck front-and-center in the Honda booth #24887 with Mac’s Y-Straps securing the spare tires.

Mac’s Product

Hellwig brought a new 2017 Ford F-350 with a Polaris on its back. Mac’s built custom UTV Tire Nets to secure the Polaris to a custom UTV deck. This truck, dubbed The Operator, can be seen in the Ford booth #22200.

A 2012 Toyota Tundra is featured in the Design Infini booth #48131. Look for Mac’s Y-Straps securing the spare tires.

Mac’s Product

Air Design USA, a Ford licensed styling products partner, has put together a stunning Ford F-150, Mustang and Aluma Trailer, all of which can be found in the Ford booth #22200. You’ll find Mac’s Series 3 VersaTie™ Track and Custom-Fit Tire Nets on the 2018 Mustang.

Mac’s Products