The Perfect Tie-Down Solution for a Perfect Build

Gary and Sherry Fiore’s 1930 Ford Tudor Model A is a fully customized, staggered-wheel hot rod named “The Mutt.” It sits on a custom-built chassis by NCD Specialties and Pro Rides out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It was important that their trailer and tie downs match the high quality of their build. They worked closely with Airbagged Trailers to create a custom trailer that utilized Mac’s Tire Block Straps and Mac’s VersaTie™ Track. This combination keeps the straps and hardware away from the chassis.

Don’t let your vehicle’s stance get in the way of keeping it safe during transit. Mac’s Tire Block Straps are designed for low-profile vehicles and the tightest wheel well openings. With three different attachment styles, and multiple track and connector options, you’re sure to find the right tie-down combination to fit your build and trailer.

Ideal for Vehicles with Large Wheel Wells

The Twisted Snap Hook system is the most versatile thanks to the captive hooks at each end. They can be used with most anchor points or track system VersaTie™ Track and E-Track. Since this option does not have an included idler fitting, they are best suited for vehicles with larger wheel wells.

Start building your tire block strap kit with these options

Lowest Idler Height in the Industry

The VersaTie™ Attachment Style is designed specifically for use with VersaTie™ Track or Double Stud Anchor Plates. The included Idler offers the lowest idler height in the industry, making it a great choice for vehicles with ground effects.

Start building your tire block strap kit with these options

Eliminate Strap Contact with the Vehicle

The E-Track Attachment Style supports both E-Track or A-Track systems. Because an E-Track system’s lateral load capacity is lower than its vertical load capability, we’ve designed this system with a double fitting on the fixed end.

Start building your tire block strap kit with these options