April Showers Bring Muddy Fun; Be Ready for the Adventure

As temperatures rise and the effects of winter melt away, conditions are perfect for off-road adventures. You never know what obstacles you’ll encounter so be sure you are off-road ready with Mac’s products.

Recovery Straps

Various capacities make the Mac’s recovery strap perfect for any sticky situation. Made with premium quality webbing and the highest stitch count in the industry.

Tree Trunk Protector Straps

Minimize damage to the tree trunk by avoiding direct contact with the winch line. Latching the line hook directly onto the winch line can lead to line fray and failure, not to mention dangerous.

ATV Wheel Nets

Lock your ATV wheels in place while allowing its own suspension to smoothly absorb the bumps of the road. Two different end fitting options available.


A Mac’s original product. Perfect for unexpected repairs on the trail that require a bench vise. And it’s a bottle opener, too!

Chainsaw Scabbard

Secure, quick-release mounting point for your chainsaw.