And to think…this is a commercial hauler (notice we did not say professional)! We wonder how much time was spent wrapping and feeding all that webbing. Would have been faster to buy a razor knife and cut the excess. Here’s what’s wrong:
  • Open-style hooks – There’s a place for open hooks and then there isn’t. All the time spent routing that webbing will be rendered useless with the slightest lack in tension.
  • Straps wrapped around straps and structures – Routing straps around themselves and other structural parts of the trailer creates significant stress points in the strap material, along with chafing which could lead to strap failure.


Our Solution: 

Ultra Pack with VersaTie Track Kits

  • Detachable axle straps make the Ultra Pack extremely versatile
  • Integrate Mac’s VersaTie Track Kits onto the trailer deck for flexibility of anchor points