This is more macrame than Mac’s. The good thing is the owner is using 2″ straps. The bad thing is that the overabundance of webbing turned this 10-minute tie down into more than likely a half hour artistic project.

  1. The generic big-box-store tie downs are far too long for this application. Wrapping excess webbing aroun ditself is not a good choice.
  2. The flat hook hardware can easily come detached with the slightest loss in tension; especially when it’s attached to a stake pocket.
  3. The front straps are wrapped around the axle housing and both ends are attached at the front of the trailer. Safe to assume there are no protective sleeves keeping the axle housing from wearing through the webbing.
At Mac’s we have the proper tie-down solutions to more easily and safely secure this Jeep. Because of the length of the trailer and the lack of proper deck hardware, the Mac’s Pro Pack with Chain Extensions would be the ideal solution. Quick, easy and more secure

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