In a recent trip to a box store, we were shocked to find them promoting a blatant tie-down violation! Their display featured a John Deere Gator being “tied down” to a trailer. The problem? Let’s count them:
  1. Running a strap over a plastic shrouded steering column will do nothing but destroy it.
  2. There are only two straps. At Mac’s we prefer four straps, as does “Johnny Law” in most cities and states.
  3. The straps are doing nothing to prevent the vehicle from moving fore and aft.
  4. The strap routed over the bed is compressing the suspension. Combine that with an open style, non-safety hook and you’re asking for trouble.
It seems the box store sells the tie-down straps but doesn’t know how to use them. The good news is when you purchase tie-down equipment from Mac’s you know we’ll help you get it right. It’s all we’ve been doing for 25 years.
Our Solution:
The Mac’s UTV Tie-Down Pack is designed specifically for UTVs and Side by Side vehicles.
Adding anchor fittings on the deck would be an ideal complement to the tie-down straps.