This owner receives the award for scariest tie-down attempt. Even if the final destination is the junkyard, it deserves better care. Body damage is unavoidable and you can expect permanent scars. Running the tie-down straps from side-to-side is doing nothing to prevent the car from shifting front-to-rear. We think that’s somewhat important. If those open hooks lose the slightest bit of tension, there is nothing keeping this vehicle in place. We always recommend securing a car by its suspension components or over the tires, not over the body.

Our Solution:

The Super Pack combines the axle straps and ratchet straps. The fleece sleeves protect the strap and vehicle’s suspension. Add chain extensions and attach to a stake pocket when trailer anchor points are not available.


You can purchase individual chain extensions for your current Mac’s straps or bundle them with the purchase of a Mac’s pack and save $30.