We get a rare look at the front and rear of this tie down situation. Just because the vehicle is wrecked does not mean the tie-down attempt should match.
      1. Overall, the straps are insufficiently rated for this vehicle. Most likely only 2,500-3,000-pound breaking strength.
      2. The front straps are routed around two very sharp corners of the trailer.
      3. It appears the front straps are also routed around the tire itself and nothing else.  Only tire tread is keeping the straps in place.
      4. Only one strap at the rear routed between both wheels with short, non-safety-style hooks.

The owner’s trailer is quite good considering what it’s hauling. Due to the lack of anchor points, a great solution would be the Mac’s Ultra Pack with optional Chain Extensions routed through the available stake pockets.

Add Chain Extensions to your Ultra Pack Order and save $30 versus buying them individually. Simply choose “Direct Hook with Chain Extension” before adding to your cart.

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