A true definition of 10 pounds of you-know-what in a 5-pound sack. Although the safest solution would be to invest in a trailer or UTV deck to properly haul the machine, some glaring issues we can point out in this situation are:
  • Straps routed down around the truck’s exterior and tied to the running board pose numerous issues. Not only can the strap damage the paint, the running board is not built for that type of support.
  • The tie-down strap is perfectly routed over the fuel door. The driver can’t refuel without loosening the tension of the strap.
  • The tailgate is not attached to the truck bed! It’s being held in place by the tie-down straps with not-so-reliable open-style end fittings.
  • Speaking of the open-style, non-safety hook end fittings, they are inviting problems as the slightest lack in tension will render these straps less useful than they already are.


  • Secure the straps around the UTV suspension components like a lower control arm
  • Adding anchor points to your truck bed will provide proper tie-down strap geometry when hauling your UTV or anything else
  • Always travel with Goody’s headache powder 🙂