It’s a good thing this trailer has a perimeter rail and a tall tailgate, as those two features are doing more to restrain the Wildcat than the tie downs themselves.
  1. The straps are connected to the “sprung” part of the vehicle. With every bump the suspension is compressing and rebounding. This causes the straps to go loose then tight over and over again.
  2. Open-style hooks are being used and they’re dependent on constant strap tension to stay engaged.
  3. Wrapping the straps around the roll cage allows the vehicle to move front-to-back and “slide” up and down the strap itself.
  4. Four straps are always recommended and the straps used are underrated for the vehicle weight.
Our Solution:

Mac’s UTV Wheel Nets are the best choice for this situation especially considering the short deck length of the trailer. This option allows for the vehicle to ride on its own suspension and no strap or hardware comes in contact with the body.

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